Spring 2017

Happy Spring time friends! The weather has been warming up and I have been loving playing outside more. Lately I've really been into thunderstorms. I get really excited when they come and I tell mommy and daddy that I'm scared, but I'm just kidding because I'm big and brave! Sir Edward is really afraid of them though. Also daddy has been taking me everywhere with him, like to the mall and to restaurants to pick up dinner, and to Costco too! He has been taking me out more often because he says I am a big boy and that I am sensible and able to follow directions. 

Just hanging out

Hi friends! Here are some photos of me just hanging out with my family, having fun and being silly. Also- lately daddy has been teaching me how to code. I can't even talk in full sentences yet but I'm great with a laptop and ipad. Also, lately mommy has been giving daddy and me shopping lists and I have been helping daddy with things like pushing the cart and holding bags when we go shopping. I'm the best helper. Enjoy!

Birthday Parties!

Hi everyone! Enjoy these photos of me attending my friends's birthday parties! 

Celebrations and CAKE!

Hi friends! Here are some photos of celebrations and me doing my favorite thing in the world- eating cake!!! 

Learning things at school

Hi friends! These are some long overdue photos of the last previous months of school. Enjoy!

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